Highbury Cemetery 2014 Logo

October. Finally. It's here. It's here! And that means only one thing...

It's the Countdown to Halloween! 31 posts in 31 days, all leading up to the grand celebration of the year... All Hallow's Eve. Samhain. Hallowe'en.

Welcome, new guests to the madness of Highbury Cemetery, a blog about all things Halloween. Movies. Costumes. Music. Pumpkins. And most importantly, home haunting! 

I would also like to welcome back any and all previous visitors. I'm gearing up for another October full of posts in celebration of that most magical of days. Work in the garage has been at a feverish pace, pumping out a slew of new props for this year's version of the Cemetery. I've also got another bin full of goodies, just waiting to be shared on Freebie Fridays. The camera has been snapping away, documenting more local cemeteries to delight and inspire for Cemetery Sundays. And I'm even going to start a new segment called Throwback Thursdays. Just when we thought we did such a great job and had so much fun in 2013, 2014 looks set to blow it out of the water. So be sure to stop back daily and join the party. It's the best month of the year and I want to celebrate it with everyone! I may even have some contests in the coming weeks, where you'll be bound to win some cool Cemetery swag. But you'll need your thinking caps on!!

So let's get this party started! Every year, I like to whip up a little logo for my home haunt. It will be used for t-shirts, posters and stickers. I've been creating them for ten years running, and it's time to introduce the logo for 2014. Can't go wrong with some skulls and some splatters...


Lisa said...

Awesome logo! Good luck on the countdown!

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