National Haunted House Day 2014

Today is the second Friday of October, which means that today is National Haunted House Day! A day to get out and visit a haunted attraction near you!

At least it was last year... I checked their site and it hasn't been updated since last October. Not sure if this is still a thing.

But hey, regardless, why not get out and visit a haunted house in your area today!? Take a break from the grind of your Halloween work for one night and go out and have some fun! Let's support those who support the season.

Also, no Freebie Friday this week, as I've been spending long hours in the garage on some killer new props and I didn't have a chance to get anything together (you should check back tomorrow to see what I've been working on). Sorry group, but stop back next Friday for something cool. And free.

Three weeks until Halloween and a long list still in front of me. Time to get back to the garage. Are you ready for the big night??



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