Wintersville UMC Historic Cemetery - Wintersville, Ohio

With less than an hour to spare, I make it in to present another Cemetery Sundays post!

In the 13 years that I have been married to Mrs. Highbury, I have always noticed a small cemetery around the corner from my in-laws' house in the tiny town of Wintersville, Ohio (which is located next to the much more infamous town of Steubenville). And while on a trip down this weekend, I finally decided that today would be the day that I go check the little cemetery out. So I woke up early and headed over with my camera at the ready.

As I entered the gate, I noticed that the small cemetery did in fact have a name: the Wintersville United Methodist Church Historic Cemetery. Quite a mouthful!

And what I thought to be a small, old cemetery revealed itself to be a rather significant burial ground, perched upon a tall hill that provided beautiful views of the surrounding valley. Many of the stones here date back to the mid to late 1800s and have worn away or toppled from years of exposure and gravity. I was sad that it took me over 13 years to finally find the time to go visit this cemetery...


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These are the best kinds of places to visit!

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