Highbury Cemetery T-Shirt, 2017

This one kinda got lost in all the madness leading up to Halloween night, but I still wanted to share it with everyone! As has been the case every Halloween here at Highbury Cemetery, I silkscreen custom shirts down in my basement for friends and family that come over and help out on the big night.

I always start the October countdown with the revealing of the new haunt logo. I then take the logo and create a simple, one-color version for use on our shirts. I burn a silk screen with the logo down in the basement and print off a few shirts to give away as a thank you on the big night.

This year, I went a little crazy and decided to print two versions of the shirt!!

The Brown Shirt
I had a stack of brown shirts left over from last year's shirt run and decided to print them up with a standard white ink.

These shirts were given away to friends who live elsewhere or who couldn't make it over for the big night. I'm really happy with the way these shirts turned out. The details held throughout the run and I have a few left over that will be staying in the permanent collection at the Cemetery. Unless you ask REALLY nicely...

The Purple Shirt
This one was the limited version that was only given out to those that helped out with this year's haunt. Each of them earned it with the amount of work they contributed to make the show the success that it was. Without them, Highbury Cemetery wouldn't be what it is today.

This version was extra special and revealed a little surprise for each recipient when they got home...

Glow-in-the-dark ink! I was SOOOO happy with the way these shirts turned out. I ended up having to buy a new container of glow-in-the-dark ink (due to the fact that my old container looked more like tapioca pudding than ink when I opened it), but it made a huge difference. These shirts printed out really crisp and detailed and looked totally awesome in the dark. A worthy thank you for all the hard working friends and family on Halloween night!! Each of them earned it.



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