Highbury Cemetery Logo, 2017

With October starting on a Sunday this year, I had to bump this reveal back a day in order to get my first Cemetery Sundays post out.

But Monday is here and the October party has started!

With this year's logo, I decided to go a bit more minimal compared to the past couple of years, focusing on the shape of an old toe pincher coffin (which will be playing a big part in this year's haunt display). I also wanted to give it a more organic feel, a concept that will also be carried though on this year's haunt display.

Ladies and gentlemonsters, boils and ghouls, I present the super spooky 2017 edition of the Highbury Cemetery yard haunt logo...  

As in previous years, the logo will be used in t-shirts, posters and stickers. All of which will be given to my Halloween night helpers as a thank you gift. I also hope to make some pins for this season, but I'll reveal more on that later.

This October party is in full swing, so let's enjoy it! Frankenstein is on TCM tonight, the pumpkin beers in my fridge are cold and ready, and I'm already buzzing with the season's excitement. Only 30 more days to go!! Who's ready!?!?



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