Thirsty Dog Brewing Co. - Pumpkin Ale

Time for another pumpkin beer to face the dreaded Drunken Jackos rating scale!

Up next is Thirsty Dog Brewing Co.'s Pumpkin Ale. Yes, this one is LITERALLY brewed just around the corner from the cemetery, but this was my first chance to try this seasonal beer.

Upon first pour I noticed the hazy, light copper color and a nice thick, creamy head not usually found in other pumpkin beers. It had a nice sweet pumpkin note due to the inclusion of honey into the brew.

The flavor was rather light yet creamy, with hints of pumpkin and a smooth sweetness of honey, but as I continued to drink it, it began to give off a somewhat earthy spice scent.

The beer went down smooth all the way through, and the transition from sweet pumpkin to earthy spice note was an unexpected surprise. I quickly went through the entire four-pack this weekend and definitely plan on going back to grab another this Halloween season.

And because of that light, sweet, creamy smooth pumpkin drinkability, Thirsty Dog Brewing Co.'s Pumpkin Ale receives 3.5 out of 5 Drunken Jackos.

I'm not sure about availability outside of the Northeast Ohio area, but if you can find it, a four pack would be well worth the price! Cheers!



Lady M said...

I am waiting for a pumpkin IPA! If you see one, let me know.

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