Riverview Cemetery - Brecksville, Ohio

This week's installment of Cemetery Sundays brings us to another quaint, historic Northeast Ohio cemetery. Riverview Cemetery is another old, unnamed cemetery (outside of a Google map search) in Brecksville, Ohio that is full of beautiful, ornate old tombstones dating as far back as the early 1800s. There are newer stones on the ground as well, but as always, I focused on shooting the oldest stones there.

Upon doing some research, I came across a 2014 story here that details the fight that locals are waging against the city's plan to reopen the old cemetery to new burials. Well done to them and their desire to preserve the grounds as they are.

I woke up before dawn, grabbed my camera and arrived just before sunrise to tour the quiet, peaceful and untouched grounds. Another wonderful photo shoot where I had the entire cemetery to myself.

So sit back and enjoy a tour of Riverview Cemetery...

The gravestone of Sergeant Richard Farrar, who served during the Revolutionary War.


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