East Granger Cemetery - Medina, Ohio

Happy October, everyone! It's a Sunday, so we're going with a double post to start the month off right. Like all Sundays in October, it's time for another installment of Cemetery Sundays, where I grab my camera and roam local cemeteries, documenting the richly ornate tombstones and epitaphs contained within.

As I continue to shoot this series, I have really begun to focus on tombstones from the 1800s (luckily, most cemeteries in the Northeast Ohio area have stones dating back that far). Their ornate shapes coupled with the detailed, calligraphic epitaphs make for beautiful photos, something that you just can't get with the traditional marble tombstones of today. 

I look forward to doing this each season, as I have really come to appreciate the time alone, quietly walking around a cemetery free from distraction. It has become a nice weekly escape to document something that isn't normally considered beautiful by the average person.

So here we go with a new season of Cemetery Sundays. Enjoy!

East Granger Cemetery in Medina, Ohio is one of the smaller, more stark cemeteries that I have filmed at. In fact, I had to check Google Maps to find out the actual name of it. I drive by frequently, but had no idea of what it was called. There is no signage for this small plot anywhere. Just an old cemetery with most stones dating back to the mid-1800s, set among older homes and farm land. Exactly what I was looking for!

So sit back and enjoy a tour of East Granger Cemetery...



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