George Romero Tombstone Prop

This past weekend, I was able to quickly whip up a small tombstone for George Romero, father of the modern zombie film.

Upon his passing back in July, I immediately knew that I had to pay tribute to him in some small way. And what better way than with a tombstone in my cemetery haunt! I'm currently only adding smaller filler stones, so I knew it would be a quick project...

As I perused the Google page of his images, I quickly noticed the same thing in each photo: those CRAZY glasses. They would definitely have to be featured in some way. (Gary Pullin created a really cool poster with the same idea.)

The rest of the epitaph was standard information with a tongue-in-cheek nod to his zombie films in the final line, "We Await Your Return." Get it? Zombies??

And as a final homage to  his original zombie trilogy, I did a 3-color wash across the top of the stone. Black and white for Night, zombie flesh blue for Dawn, and military fatigue green for Day of the Dead. Something I'm sure no one would ever catch, but definitely a personal tribute to a director who influenced all things horror, and even Halloween, in my life.

All total, this simple small stone took about 3 days to complete and will be a nice little hidden gem to discover. And, it will look great flanked by some of my larger, more ornate stones on Halloween night.

Thanks, George!



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I like it.

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