A Final Weather Update

It's amazing that as haunters we can somehow control the weather for Halloween night. Truth be told, I still start checking the forecast two weeks ahead, knowing full well that the forecast will change another 50 times. And I still secretly pray to the Candy Corn Gods for a favorable forecast for the big night.

The weather is the one thing that can really make or break a haunter's yard display. And I also know that not everyone will have favorable weather on the big night. I'm already hearing horror stories about a storm packing fierce winds traveling up the east coast. My shriveled, rotted heart goes out to those haunters.

But as I make a final check of my own forecast, it looks as though my prayers and sacrifices have appeased the Candy Corn Gods! And for this, I am eternally grateful!

It's strange to see a chance of showers pop up today after initially being forecast for no rain for at least the last week. But I'll take a chance of rain today in exchange for my Halloween forecast. Dry and chilly, exactly as I had hoped!

And the Candy Corn Gods have given me great favor this Halloween season: two separate forecasts with a ZERO PERCENT chance of precipitation. Thank you, O Mighty Candy Corn Gods! You are most benevolent!!


lady M said...

Good luck to you - hope you get that 0%!

highbury said...

Thanks, lady M! I feel guilty for posting this after seeing all the wind damage and prop destruction that our fellow haunters on the east coast are dealing with. I guess I need to pray to the Candy Corn Gods for good weather for ALL haunters!!

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