Svartsinn - "Doubt As Sin (Nietzsche's Lament)"

I just picked up Mørkets Variabler, the latest release from Norwegian dark ambient artist Svartsinn. Wonderfully cold, atmospheric dark ambient that hits dead center of what is becoming more and more of my wheelhouse.

The more I explore the works of dark ambient artists like Svartsinn, the more I'm convinced of its effective use in a haunt setting. It really sets an overall, ominous tone that could really punch up the sense of dread and foreboding in a given haunt scene, and I have been using various dark ambient tracks in my haunt display for years now.

The standout track on this release for me is Doubt As Sin (Nietzsche's Lament). This track has a slightly darker tone than the other tracks. I really love the cold, low vibrating tones and harsh, echoing reverb throughout. Add in the slightest hints of vocal whispers and you have an incredibly eerie track.

And being the vinyl snob that I am, I opted for the limited, double-vinyl edition of this release. Gorgeous, minimalist matte black artwork throughout the gatefold sleeve and continued through each of the insert sleeves. Upon opening the package up, I was rewarded with a small extra cool touch on one of the insert sleeves - an autograph from Svartsinn himself, Jan Roger Petterson!

Prosper In Darkness, indeed! I HIGHLY recommend this release to any dark ambient fans or any Halloween fans looking for a different angle to get their creep on!



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