Introducing "Charnel House" - My New Haunt Audio Project

Standing at the shadowed precipice, the pulsing call beckons from deep within
the darkness. The cold Autumn winds howl and brittle fallen leaves coil at your feet,
pulling you ever further into the void…


For anyone who visits this blog with any frequency, you'll know that I tend to post a lot of music. Any kind of music that has an influence on my Halloween season, and more accurately, an influence on my Halloween yard haunt display. 

Over the past 7 or 8 years, I have discovered (and fallen in love with) the dark ambient genre. Ever since, it has been the go-to audio for use in my display each Halloween night. From Aphex Twin, Jeff Greinke and Lull, to Kammarheit, Svartsinn and Lustmord, I find that the discordant drones of this genre fit perfectly into my display, as it sits just in the background and supports the ghastly visuals presented across the front yard, never taking over the focus with any recognizable sound (versus, say, the instantly recognizable piano notes of John Carpenter's masterpiece, Halloween).

About a year ago, I started thinking about the creation of this style of music. I was very interested in the sounds used and eventually very curious about how to create them myself. I began to research audio software and how I could learn to use it. I have no formal musical education, outside of jackhammering on an old bass guitar in a fun punk band many years ago, but I knew exactly the sound I was looking for.

Fast forward to the start of 2018, and I took the plunge. I was deeply inspired as I set about learning how to "compose" my own ambient audio. I didn't yet know how to assemble it, but I fumbled through the process, even going as far as experimenting with my first field recordings.

As I continued to gather and create different clips and sounds, I began to refine my first test audio track. I walked a fine line adhering to my vision of creating ambient audio that spanned the dark ambient genre and the spirit of Halloween.

Eventually, I settled on the term "haunt ambient." Dark ambient-inspired soundtrack audio that could be used in yard haunt and haunted house scenes that would create a feeling of menace and unease, that would support horrifying visual scenery and add to the total fright experience of an effective Halloween display.

I had been working feverishly on my first track these last few weeks, trying desperately to have a completed piece for release just before last week's appearance on Haunter's Hangout, but I wasn't quite ready in time. And I REALLY didn't want to put something out that I wasn't 100% happy with, so I continued to keep it under wraps.


So after a few more days of putting the final touches on it, I'm SUPER excited to finally release the first haunt ambient track from Charnel House. It's called "The Call Of The Void" and I think it really nails the sound I was looking for.

Please take a listen and let me know what you think. I'd love to get feedback, either good or bad. I've always been one who can handle good constructive criticism.

I know that this is only my first step in learning how to do this whole thing, and I know that my sound will continue to develop, mature and improve as I work on the next tracks.

And speaking of next tracks, for anyone going to this year's Midwest Haunters Convention in Columbus, Ohio, please come find me. I will be giving away 20 limited-edition, hand-numbered 3-track CDs. I've been working on finishing two more tracks to add to "The Call Of The Void" as well as full art and a few extra goodies for my first official release. DIY-style, with everything done here at the Cemetery. I can't wait to share it with you!!

In looking over at the calendar as I sit and type this, I realize I now have less than 2 weeks to get it all done, so I really have to burn the midnight oil.

I hope you enjoy this first track and I hope to see you all at the Midwest Haunters Convention on May 25!!



lady M said...

OOOOH - way creepy. The perfect background music for the menacing telemarketer that keeps calling me from Texas.

highbury said...

lady M - I'll send the mp3 over to you ASAP!!!! :) Telemarketers are the absolute worst.

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