Haunted Schoolhouse and Laboratory 2018

The Legendary Akron Haunted Schoolhouse and Haunted Laboratory consists of seven total floors of complete terror and is northeast Ohio’s only multi-story haunted attraction.  The haunts feature the demented librarian Mrs. Alvah, tempting you to go through her horrifying book of stories, and the deranged Dr. Guttenheim, feverishly taunting you to venture through his lab and escape his mutations along with the virus that will likely infect you. Check out our new midway and experience the atmosphere and activities which includes photo ops, characters on the loose, seasonal vendors, games, merchandise, delicious concessions, and alcoholic beverages. Our newest event “Beer before Fear” lets you sip on an ice-cold beer before the attraction opens. The last two years the attractions and entire property have received an extensive overhaul and update. This massive attraction has been scaring millions for over four decades. Get your tickets now and let the nightmares begin.

It's nice to see the Haunted Schoolhouse and Laboratory, located a mere 10 minutes from Highbury Cemetery, continue its new rebirth. I have been going to this haunted house for 3 of its 4 decades (yes, that's 30 years!) in existence and has become my "official haunt." So much history and so many great memories.

And it's nice to see friends like Dave from Closed Casket Studios doing makeup and Katie Lane scare acting. Keep up the good work and carry on the legacy of the legendary Haunted Schoolhouse and Laboratory for the next 4 decades.

And you better believe that the local haunt crew and I will be in line and ready to go on September 21st, opening night! Gonna be in the northern Ohio area? Come down to Akron and have a few beverages with us and let's get down!


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