The Countdown To Halloween, 2018

With a glance at the calendar, I do a double-take. Somehow, we have already reached the end of September. But how could that be!?!?

Regardless, it means only one thing. OCTOBER!!! And that means only one thing. THE COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN!!!

For the eighth year in a row, Highbury Cemetery will be participating in the annual Countdown To Halloween, a large gathering of like-minded miscreant bloggerss to celebrate everything great about October and the high holiday of All Hallows Eve. 31 posts in 31 days. 

And I've got enough lined up to blow past 31 posts this year! The excitement and anticipation is hitting a fever pitch! But I have so much left to do, so it's back into the Cemetery garage to get as much as I can off of this year's to-do list.

Check back tomorrow (and daily throughout October) to help keep this party going. As with every year, I'll have Halloween music, Halloween reviews, Halloween props, Halloween photos, cemetery photos, pumpkin photos, pumpkin beers, Halloween freebies, Halloween contests, and a massive assortment of other Halloween madness to spread around.

I'll see everyone tomorrow. October is finally here. This is our season. And it's time to celebrate. Let's turn it up to 11 and raise the dead!




Caffeinated Joe said...

Happy October!

Bob Johns said...

Can't wait!!

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