Hardee's Fun Machine 70's Halloween Commercial

I've been sitting on this one for awhile. I wanted to drop this into my annual October Countdown to Halloween hullabaloo, but I just ran out of time. Fortunately, this little nugget of sweet, sweet Halloween nostalgia is way too good to not share!

I don't think I have ever eaten at a Hardee's, but had I known they had a Halloween Fun Machine, I would have been there daily.

A few things about this hilariously awesome commercial. It must have originated somewhere in Long Island with Speedy McGreedy and Frankenstein Mouth's wiseguy accents. Honestly though, I will from this day forward always pronounce "hamburger" as "boy-gah." "I want juicy boy-gahs!"

I will also call a centipede a "creepy crawly Halloween thing." Amazing.

And that jingle? GAH! Take it away, Frankenstein Mouth...


Caffeinated Joe said...

Wacky and weird! So much fun. :)

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