Jeff Greinke - "Metal From The Sky"

So as I load up and take the very last pieces of this year's haunt display back to the storage unit, I see not Metal From The Sky, but I do see tiny white flakes from the sky...

A true sign that Halloween is over for another year is when tiny snowflakes begin to fall. But truth be told, I'm ready for the start of winter. The cold season. Bring on the darkness!

It's a truly relaxing feeling knowing that after the constant excitement and frantic intensity of the Halloween season, everything has now been put away for another year and I can finally decompress and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for a couple of weeks. Add to that a full sense of contentment from the fun and success of this year's Halloween celebration. This past October has been a damn good one!

And while I sit here in my subdued Saturday bliss, I wanna share one more dark ambient track for the season. I think it's a perfect soundtrack for our dark transition from Autumn into the coming Winter.

I discovered Jeff Greinke's work a few years back, and used his absolutely incredible track The Moor as my haunt soundtrack since then.

This track goes back to his beginnings (and the beginnings of the dark ambient genre itself). Recorded in 1985, Metal From The Sky still holds up to any of the current offerings in the genre with its dark, richly layered, desolate ambience. So stark, yet so completely soothing. Especially on a dreary day with nothing to do. Enjoy!

But wait. We're not done. Stop back tomorrow as I have one last traditional thing to do before I turn out the lights on this year's Halloween season! I'm pretty excited with this one and I can't wait to share it with you all.

See you tomorrow...



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