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For those of you that don't know about, the site dedicated to buying and selling handmade crafts, here are some unique Halloween items I found yesterday (my first visit). First were these aged skull gift tags.

I might snatch them up and attach them to Christmas gifts (letting my friends and family know my Christmas spirit is a Similarly, here is a different gift tag made from a bingo card. I don't know if my Grandma was a bingo player, but if she was, I could see her with this around her neck, giving the horns to all the other grandmas.

And thumbs up to the seller of this Edgar Allen Poe cemetery dirt art bottle. The background is creepy and reminds of my walk through the abandoned tuberculosis ward at the Ridges in Athens, Ohio (except there I was surrounded by human feces and varmint, not famous poet remains).

Quite a good first impression; I can't wait to kill more time searching this site for Halloween treasures!

Do you have something listed on to share? Add a link to your comment below.

Keep your eyes open for my next post. I'll be spending a weekend at the haunted Lucerne Inn in Bar Harbor, Maine!


highbury said...

I expect to have an aged skull gift tag on all the many presents you buy me this Christmas!

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