An Easy Lighting Prop

Okay, as promised, here's a REALLY quick and easy idea for a lighting prop. You'll need a mason jar, dark colored paint, a little mulch or dirt, coarse twine and a battery operated LED flicker tealight (which you can get at a dollar store or at any craft store). Start with the mason jar and give it a wash of heavily watered down paint. I used the same brown that I used for the Pratt tombstone. You'll want to make sure that the jar is still semi-transparent so that light can still escape. When it dries, tie the twine around the lip of the jar. Then put a small amount of dirt or mulch in the bottom of the jar and drop in the LED flicker light. In no time at all, you'll have a dirty, old lantern light for your haunt or party. For an eerie lighting effect for this year's haunt, I intend to make about 12 of these, hanging 6 apiece from two large trees in my front yard. Be sure to stagger the lengths of twine and hang the jars at different heights from whatever you'll be attaching them to. A cool effect that takes very little time and money to produce.


cynniegurl said...

love the project! i passed a blogger award to you. you can find it on my site:)

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