The Supersuckers!

So I'm sitting here after yet another long week of work, enjoying my first Bell's Octoberfest of the year. Not a bad copper ale, but a little flat with no head. I wonder if I got a bad batch? Aw, nuts!!

Anyway, I've got a big weekend of propmaking ahead of me and I need some tunes to listen to while I'm hammering away. What better time than now to crank up the sacrilicious sounds of The Supersuckers! A little bit country, a little bit rock n' roll, hold the Mormon. Eddie Spaghetti and the boys do it up right every time!

Here's a little video for their song, "Born With A Tail," directed by Rocky Schenck. Be sure to catch the devil, played by none other than Linda Blair. Any band that uses the line "and you can use my dick for a walking stick as well" is good in my book!!! The really odd thing is that when Scrapes and I ride through town on the back of some rusty, old pickup trucks, the exact same thing happens. Weird.

I'll have some quick updates this weekend on some really simple props that I'm putting together that will have a nice effect in the cemetery. Stay tuned!!

Okay, as an added bonus, I also found this Supersuckers song. It's not really a video, but this song rages so hard, I couldn't pass it up. It's called "Someday I Will Kill You." Anybody know where I can find it??

UPDATE!! The previous song can be found on their release wonderfully entitled "Motherf*ckers Be Trippin'" on Mid-Fi Records. And because I'm in such a great mood tonight, I also present "Bloody Mary Mornin'" If your feet aren't tapping for this one, you better call a doctor...


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