Mount Peace Cemetery - Akron, Ohio

Welcome to the newly redesigned Highbury Cemetery! Time to roll out a few new posts that I've been sitting on. The first is a series of photos I took on a recent, rainy stroll through my local cemetery. Mount Peace Cemetery in Akron, Ohio is a visually stunning cemetery with a wide array of tombstones and crypts, some dating all the way back to the early 1800s. 

My intent with these photos is to document the wide variety of tombstone configurations and duplicate some of them in my home haunt. Feel free to use them for reference and inspiration in your haunt, too. I tried to focus mainly on the oldest stones in the cemetery, as I think they have the most character and beauty. Be sure to check back, as there a couple of other great cemeteries in my town that I want to wander through with my camera.

A statue in an area of tombstones called The Garden Of Angels:

Another statue in an area called The Garden Of Prayer.
It faces the Garden Of Angels:

Mount Peace's most famous resident, "Dr. Bob" Smith,
founder of Alcoholics Anonymous:

The tombstone of Christian Merz, with an amazingly detailed,
although weathered and faded, epitaph:

And the Staiger tombstone, with a beautiful, marbled pattern:

And don't forget, we only have 83 more days until Halloween. Time for me to get back into the garage and hammer out a few more goodies!


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