Prop Updates for 2011

So according to my new, free iPhone app, Halloween Countdown, we only have 78 days until Halloween. Not much time left! Like you, I've been busy in the garage, trying to cross everything off of this year's to-do list (although when one gets crossed off, two more get added on).

Time to show off two of our new projects. First on the list is the new flying crank ghost. We built all of the framework at the last make-and-take with the Garage Of Evil's Northern Ohio Haunters group. After looking at other ghosts, I quickly decided that I didn't want to do the usual bleached-white ghost under a blacklight. And while I actually like that look, it seems as though everyone has it, so I wanted to do something different. I used white, tan and brown cheesecloth to make my version, the spirit of Abigail Harrington. She will be positioned in a new room, at the top of my driveway, to greet all of the kids as they come up for their treat. I will position blue and red flood lamps on her, casting a nice purple glow.

I washed the wighead with a watered-down black paint, then installed UV LED lights for the eyes. I used RIT dye for the tan and brown cheesecloth. I got the hands at Pat Catan's, which were glittery black, so I had to paint them all white, followed by a wash of watered-down black for detail.

Abigail Harrington. On cold, dark nights, her tattered apparition can be seen near her final resting place among the many graves in Highbury Cemetery. Some say she returns to seek revenge upon those whose accusations of heresy and witchcraft cast her into damnation... 

The astute members of the group will notice that the above video is a Highbury Cemetery production. As of today, Highbury Cemetery is expanding! We have just uploaded our first video to YouTube (how 20th century!!). Be sure to visit our channel here, as we will be uploading all kinds of goodies to help spread the word from our little corner of town.

Second up is a quick update on a tombstone. This was a relatively quick project, as I simply weathered the stone with watered-down black and green paints. I then added an epitaph:
That's right, it's Sally's poor invalid brother, Franklin. You know, from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

I may add some dates to the stone, but seeing as that it is going to be in the back row of stones, I don't want to put too much detail into it.

And finally, for those of us who enjoy the liquid aspects of the Halloween season, the first Octoberfest and Pumpkin ales have begun to hit the shelves. I was originally going to post about my first Sam Adams Octoberfest of the season, but I just stumbled upon this at the local store:

Brooklyn Brewery Post Road. Last year, infamous HauntCast (g)host, Chris Baker, gave a glowing review of it and I challenged him that Dogfish Head Punkin Ale was better. I didn't have any Post Road last year, but I must admit that it is really good. A nice sweet pumpkin taste and spicy note that isn't overwhelming. I have to give it 4 drunken jack-o's. When the Punkin Ale gets to my shelf, I'll have to do a side-by-side taste test to see which one will attain true pumpkin glory.

So that's all I have for today. Time for me to get back to the garage and knock out a few more props, because the clock is ticking!!



Matt-suzaka said...

I am eagerly anticipating Sam's Octoberfest beer and I simply love all beer that is inspired by the flavors of fall and Halloween. Some of the best Octoberfest to be had comes from a brewery called Berkshire Brewing Company, out of Deerfield, MA. Their beer in general is some of the best, and I can only highly recommend trying their seasonal stuff, if you ever find it on a shelf somewhere.

highbury said...

Thanks, Matt! I will definitely keep an eye out for Berkshire. I hope I can score some here!

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