Glendale Cemetery - Akron, Ohio (Part 1)

Sorry group, but we're running a few days behind with our Cemetery Sundays feature this week. Everyone was over this weekend and we have begun setting up the yard for Halloween night. The new witches den is almost complete on the front porch and it's looking great!

On Saturday, Mrs. Highbury and I made our way to the city's largest and most famous cemetery, Gendale Cemetery, on the outskirts of downtown Akron. We walked the grounds, snapping photos left and right and amassed a collection that we'll have to break into two parts. A cool, sunny day made for a perfect backdrop to document the thousands of stones and mausoleums that fill the grounds...

Glendale Cemetery
Akron, Ohio

 The cemetery belltower, built in 1883.

The Civil War Memorial Chapel, built in 1876.


So we're down to a mere 6 days until Halloween and I'm getting giddy with nervous anticipation! Many of my 2011 projects have been crossed off the to-do list and now I'm getting all of the small details together for the big night. The posts will be dropping daily from here on out, as I've got a lot left to show and share. Thanks to everyone that has been stopping by and commenting on our posts! This final countdown to Halloween is going to be crazy...

Current weather forecast for Halloween night:
49 degrees with a 30% chance of showers.


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