Night Of The Living Contest!

So I know we're a day behind, but here's the final installment of this season's Freebie Fridays. This installment is a little contest for all of our loyal followers as well for all fans of Halloween. The first batch of Highbury Cemetery 2011 t-shirts are done and we're giving one away to one lucky person for absolutely completely 100% free. Our Halloween gift to you!

This year's shirt is based on our 2011 poster, converted to a simple, one-color design and lovingly hand-screened in the Highbury Cemetery basement. This version features white ink printed on a dark brown, size large t-shirt.

And what do you have to do to win this piece of svelte couture? Simply be the first to answer this question correctly:

What is the name of the football team of Michael Myers' alma mater?

(And yes, we are talking about the film character, because, you know, it IS Halloween...). Be the first to drop the correct answer in the comments and the shirt is yours!! Good luck!! This contest will be open to everyone for the next seven days and will close at midnight, November 3.

I wanted this year's contest to be a little bit harder than last year's, as last year's was answered in about 3 minutes.

A big thanks goes out again to Skaight at Psycho Reindeer for help with this year's screen. As always, be sure to buy something nice from him, as he uses wonderful clothing models... 

2 more days until the big night. Unless you're Scrapes, because his trick-or-treat is tonight. So we'll be over there, helping spread the fear, err, cheer!
Current weather forecast for Halloween night:
51 degrees with a 50% chance of rain

Which means it's going to rain. Because it's jumped from 20% to 50%. Damn...

But then again, it's not snow.



Daph said...

Haddonfield Huskers!!

highbury said...

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!! Another question easily taken down! It's The Haddonfield Huskers. Congratulations, Daph, for guessing correctly. In Halloween 4, The Return Of Michael Myers, there is a scene where a car drives into the town of Haddonfield and the sign says, "Home of the Huskers." Excellent work! I will contact you shortly and send out your shirt. Hooray!!

Daph said...

Thank you!!! Keep an eye out for Michael Myers this Halloween!! AHHHHHHHhhhhhh

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