Happy Halloween!!

Here it is! The greatest day of the year!! Pumpkins. Monsters. Witches. Ghosts. Candy. Trick-or-Treat. It's Halloween!!!

It's going to be a very quick post today because we are underway for setting up the Cemetery for tonight's trick-or-treat.

Our Big News:
I'm thrilled to announce that after 10 long years, Highbury Cemetery has finally made the local paper! In today's Akron Beacon Journal you'll find a nice little article about me and this crazy thing we do every October 31st. So if you are visiting from the link in the paper, I would like to welcome you to our small slice of Halloween. Please come in and take a look around. You'll find lots of articles on what we do and the inspiration we find to do it. Feel free to contact us in the form on the right side and let us know what you think. You really have stopped by at the perfect time!! And a very big thank you to Jim Carney and Karen Schiely from the Akron Beacon Journal for the great article and photography!!! You'll both get extra candy in your bags!

We're going to scale back just a bit, as were expecting some torrential rains this evening (again), but do stop by if you're in the neighborhood. We'll be sure to post up pictures from the night's festivities by Sunday...

But until then:


House Bloodthorn said...

Feilté Samhain!

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