On The Eve Of Halloween...

Here we are, the day before the big celebration. Halloween. The last of the props will be finished tonight, all pieces have been diagrammed and all props and lights have been tested. We're almost ready to go. Almost.

Four months of planning and building all come down to this. A flawless execution of set up and tear down in less than 18 hours. Our commitment to the season. Our commitment to trick-or-treat.

This one will be tough, because as I look at the weather forecast, Mother Nature looks set to play her trick on us. The past 4 days have been sunny and relatively mild. Tomorrow? 100% chance of rain. The third or fourth year in a row where it rains on Halloween. But we have decided to press on. We will give the neighborhood the show that they have come to expect from us. I just hope that all of our props and lighting can withstand Mother Nature's nastiness.

As in previous years, I like to give a juicy little snippet of things to come and this year is no different. A teaser to stoke excitement. A nugget of things to come.

I've put a lot of time and effort into this year's display and a little weather won't stop me. Tonight, I'll put the final touches on the pieces for the yard, I'll slowly start to relax, pour a Drunken Jacko-approved beverage and pop in my annual Halloween Eve BluRay of Trick 'r Treat and get set to put on one hell of a show tomorrow.

And be sure to stop by tomorrow morning as I have one last treat up my sleeve to share with everyone!


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