The Neighborhood Trick-Or-Treat Sign, 2013

Less than two weeks to go until the big night, so it's my civic duty to inform the residents of my neighborhood of the date and time for trick-or-treat! 

As a neighborhood, we have always done our own thing and celebrated trick-or-treat on October 31, regardless of what the city plans (they have been very good lately at making different areas have different dates and times and causing mass confusion).

Three years ago, I "inherited" the position of Official Trick-Or-Treat Sign Creator and Overseer after the previous position-holder's sign had been vandalized and removed, leaving some doubt as to whom should pick up the duty for the following year. A temporary sign was made, but failed to elicit the enthusiasm necessary for a holiday of this magnitude...

So I decided to step in. A new sign was made and installed with great response. 2013 marks the third year of its usage, and while Mother Nature has done her best annually to pummel it, the sign continues to hold up nicely (aside from a few chips that will need some touch-up paint).

This morning I made my way up to the top of the neighborhood and installed the sign in it's annual place of prominence...

...right beside the all-important "Drive 25" safety sign.

And of course 30 minutes after the sign went up, the rains came down. Do your best, Mother Nature, but dammit, give me the 31st. That's all I ask!



Mark Faucett said...

Sounds like a pretty distiniguished job to me! Nice that your neighborhood gets invovled enough to give this some importance.

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