Lucius A. Fontenot - "Mémoire de la Boue - Mardi Gras"

Mémoire de la Boue - Mardi Gras

fr., trans., - The memory of the mud. Ancestral, genetic or inherited memory. 

Some traditions are so much a part of who we are they seem to not have been learned but inherited. The Courir de Mardi Gras and the boucherie bring us to a primal place. A place seeming distant from our immediate reality. A realm odd, fascinating, sometimes shocking, often time joyous. A realm where we are led by emotion, wonder and desire.

I absolutely love this series from Louisiana photographer, Lucius A. Fontenot. These photos take us to a traditional, rural cajun Mardi Gras celebration, one much different from the more familiar, glitzy New Orleans style. So much more authentic and stripped-down from any flashiness. The costuming is much more ragged and primal, lending itself to an almost uncertain and dangerous feel. 

If I ever make it back down to New Orleans, I would love to seek out this style of decadent celebration to experience firsthand...

All photos courtesy of Lucius A. Fontenot. More photos from this series (as well as other works) are at his site, with a nice interview on this series over at Vice.



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