2020 Starts Today...

So there I was, enjoying another much-needed clean break from all things Halloween. October thoughts had been relegated to the back burner, allowing other life passions to get some much needed attention.

And then it happened.

This past weekend, we were at a neighbor's surprise birthday party having a great time. The neighbor was introducing me to some of his other friends, when out of nowhere he started telling them about my crazy/incredible Halloween display. And a few of the friends became very interested, asking all about it. By the end of the conversation, a few of them were really excited and very intent on coming over to check it out this year...

Ding. Break over. 

Looks like it's time to bring those simmering October thoughts off of the back burner and get it over some high heat right up front. The light switch has been thrown and it's now time to start thinking about Highbury Cemetery, 2020.

Last year turned out to be surprisingly good for our first display in our new location. We really shocked the neighborhood (in a good way) and got the attention of the neighbors.

So it looks like I'll be doing it again this year, and as always, adding a bit more to this year's show. And I can't wait.

In thinking about this all, the new ideas are already starting to flow. There's a lot to organize and plan, and eight months may seem like a long time, but those days will fly by and it won't be long until we're again sitting at October's door.

It's time to jump back in and get things moving. There's a lot to get to in the upcoming months, so let's get the Halloween vibe going again.

And stop back tomorrow, as I'll have a special announcement for all you haunter lovebirds out there!



Lady M said...

Wow - the enthusiasm has found you again! That is awesome - your neighbors are in for a treat!

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