SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Highbury, The Pro Haunt Actor - Pt. 2!

Here I go again!

Last October, I had the chance to fulfill a lifelong haunter's dream by working as a pro haunt actor at the infamous Haunted Schoolhouse and Laboratory here in Akron, Ohio. It was only two nights, but I had an absolute blast each night!

I quickly found my haunt groove and the entire experience felt completely natural and quite energizing. After the second night, I was absolutely exhausted, but determined that I would definitely do it all again.

And tomorrow, I get my next chance! I will again be guest acting, this time at the Schoolhouse's "Cupid's Revenge" Valentine-themed haunt. And I can't wait. I guess my first stint was good enough to warrant a call-back to do it again...

So if you're in the Northeast Ohio area with nothing to do on a Saturday night (because you have already fulfilled your Valentine duties on Friday night like I have), get to the Haunted Schoolhouse and Laboratory. Free chocolate bars! Free commemorative wristbands! A Valentine photo op with your sweetie! And a chance to meet me!! I will again be working as a queue line actor, looking to scare the YELL out of you!

And if this spot is any indication, this weekend's haunt is going to be one hell of a party!! "More dumpster babies!"

Look for me tomorrow night! I hope to have a Valentine-themed costume, but I only have roughly 8 hours to create something cool from this...

Time to get to work...


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