SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Highbury, The Pro Haunt Actor?

Yes, after many years of going back and forth on the idea, I am finally getting my chance so I am jumping in and going for it. Tonight, I will get to add "pro haunt actor" to my Halloween resume while guest acting at Akron's legendary Haunted Schoolhouse and Laboratory

I am a bit nervous, but super excited for the opportunity, and the 13-year-old in me is absolutely giddy. The Schoolhouse is a haunt that I have been going to regularly since that first trip back in 1986 or 87 and the idea of actually working there has been a little fantasy of mine since then. I just never followed up on it due to being so busy with the yard haunt each October.

But with a little free time this year, the chance to act was presented to me and I am taking it. I can hardly wait for tonight! I've got my costume ready to go and I am already a nervous ball of energy. Just a full day of work to get through, first...

So if you're anywhere near the Akron, Ohio area with nothing to do this weekend, come visit me (The Plague Of The Flesh) and the rest of the ghastly ghoulies at the Haunted Schoolhouse and Laboratory. I will be queue line acting tonight AND Saturday night, and I will be ready to scare the YELL out of you!!



Lady M said...

OMG - your scaring me already. That's a terrifying costume.

Lady M said...

That is, you are scaring me.

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