"Sounds To Haunt Your House" Cassette

It's the first Friday of October, and that can mean only one thing...

Freebie Fridays!

If you're new to the Cemetery, you've stumbled in at just the right time! Every Friday in October, I dig up one of the vintage novelty Halloween soundtrack cassettes or vinyl records from my ever-growing collection and share it with all of my "spooky sounds" junkies.

I've been doing this for quite a few years now, and I still absolutely love doing it. It's a great way to share the love during the Halloween season, and a great way to discover some really neat-and-or-hilarious old novelty soundtracks from Halloweens past.

So let's get down to business!!

Absolutely The Scariest, The Most Chilling, Blood Curdling, Hair Raising, Bone Chilling, Heart Stopping, Shocking, Terrifying And Daring Spooky Sounds Ever Recorded!

Welllllllllll, I might not go THAT far, but Dominion Entertainment/K-Tel's 1992 cassette release, Sounds To Haunt Your House, is actually not bad, even with a few shady practices thrown in...

I had picked this one up on the cheap, based solely on the silly graphics on the front of the sleeve. I wasn't expecting much, but I ended up being somewhat surprised...

Upon listening to the first side I noticed the overusage of the echo reverb voiceover that guides us along, but luckily there was a solid base of nice, high-quality "standard creepy" sound effects. And the effects were layered nicely, with a higher than average production quality.

But as I got half way through the first side, I started to hear sound clips that sounded a bit familiar... "We have such sights to show you..."

WAIT. WHAT? They LITERALLY ripped off audio directly from Hellraiser. The shady side of novelty Halloween soundtrack production rears its ugly head again. Hilarious!

But they weren't done there. As side one drew to a close, I also noticed more "borrowed" audio. This time, a few screams taken directly from the classic novelty cassette, Horror Sounds of the Night. It takes guts to lift audio from such a beloved and well-known release!

As I started side two, I was actually impressed. Another 20 minutes of different sound effects, which was nice. Most cassettes simply repeated the same track on both sides, but this was a continuation of the loose story (and sampling) from side one. More high-quality, "creepy" sound effects ending with the voiceover. 

But again, the same scream from Horror Sounds of the Night. And did I recognize the wolf howl from Night in a Graveyard? Hmmm.

As I continued on, I realized that this cassette was pretty much "borrowing" audio from many sources, now including audio directly from Texas Chainsaw Massacre II. Unreal.

But what can I say? Sounds To Haunt Your House is actually a fairly decent release (especially compared to some of the drivel released in this genre), even if it DOES directly rip off audio from other, well-known sources. I still have to give this one a recommendation for your collection, as I think you'll get a kick out of it too. Happy Friday!




Lady M said...

Any idea if the company has been sued for copyright infringement?

highbury said...

Lady M, you'd think they would be sued, but probably got a cease and desist letter at best if the copyright owners even knew about this... it really is a lawless wasteland out there in Halloween novelty land!! :)

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