Daniel Davies Feat. John Carpenter - "Destructive Field"

Oh man, do I LOVE this new track from Daniel Davies. So dark and menacing. And with the addition of bandmate (and Godfather) John Carpenter, I think it's one of their best collaborations to date.

Davies' new release, Signals, drops next week on Sacred Bones Records and I cannot wait to spin this one. If the rest of the tracks are anywhere near as good as this, it's going to be living on my turntable for quite a while...

And if this dark collaboration is a hint of things to come for Carpenter's upcoming Halloween Kills, we are all going to be in for a hell of a treat!



Lady M said...

That is some killer music for your haunt. However, it sounds like you listen to it for pleasure. I think I would struggle with that as I like my music a little more uplifting. Not Christian rock or anything but it at least has to put me in the frame of mind to feel the basement is a safe zone.

highbury said...

Lady M, I do sometimes listen to audio like this for pleasure or to help me tune out the noise and concentrate at work (or sometimes even to help me fall asleep!), but it's mostly when I'm in a "haunt" frame of mind. I also have a huge collection ranging from punk to jazz to classical to EDM to bring me up, too!

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