Haunting In The Age Of Corona

So within the past 48 hours, our lives have literally been turned upside down. The Coronavirus pandemic now grips the entire country and has become all anyone talks about.

Transworld has just announced that their annual Halloween & Attractions Show has been postponed. Haunts across the country have cancelled St. Patty's Day-themed events that were have to taken place this weekend. Concerts, sporting events, conventions, conferences and any other large gathering events have been cancelled, postponed or closed. And here in Ohio, all schools across the state have just been ordered closed for the next three weeks.

So what's a haunter to do?

Stop. Take a deep breath and exhale. We'll get through this.

Of course I do not know everyone's individual circumstances as it relates to this new pandemic, but regardless now is not the time to panic. Losing it now only leads to completely unnecessary shortages of toilet paper.

I'm not remotely an optimist, but I'm viewing this one a bit differently. It gives us a chance to hit the reset button. It also gives us a break from the hectic lives we lead, allowing us a rare chance to reprioritize things. Unplug and whittle away at some of the things that upon reflection, we might not truly need.

In these next few weeks, it might be necessary to put all things haunting on a back shelf for a bit. And I think that is okay. Take this time to make sure that you are prepared and informed. And most importantly, check in on friends and family. Because once this crazy outbreak is finally over, we're going to have to step up and support the hell out of our fellow haunters in the industry to make sure we ALL make to it Halloween!

(Actually, you can start right now! Most vendors are running their Transworld show specials online. Get show discounts from the safety and comfort of your home today!)

And in the meantime, please check out the CDC website for information on how to stay informed and prepared to deal with this outbreak. 

Stay safe out there, my haunt family. Let's get through this as quickly as possible, so we can all get back to doing what we love the most!



Lady M said...

It's a good time to lay low and tackle all those unfinished projects. I know I have a bunch.

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