Charnel House - "Within The Depths Of Isolation"

And with literally just a few minutes to spare, I finally make a contribution to Quarantine-o-ween. 

Surprise, it's a brand new track from my haunt ambient audio project, Charnel House!!!

I decided that I wanted to go bigger than just posting a few Halloween-inspired photos, but with limited time today, I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to pull this off. But somehow, I managed to crank this whole thing out in time to share it with all of the other Quarantine-o-ween revelers. I hope this provides some respite from your isolation...

So for those that don't know, Charnel House is an audio project that I started two years ago. I wanted to combine my love for the dark ambient music genre and audio that could be used in a pro or home haunt setting. I started playing around with field recordings and various samples, and came up with a few tracks. I then posted all tracks here for free, as my way of giving back to my beloved haunt community. But mostly I'm doing this because it's a ton of fun!

Check the link below to grab this track for free. And if you like it, go check out my Charnel House page and grab the rest of the tracks. 

Enjoy, and Happy Quarantine-o-ween!!!

In the new era of self-quarantine, the continued constriction of confinement 
becomes maddening as each second of the clock echoes deeper and deeper 
into the darkness of the isolated self…a discordant track composed 
to celebrate Quarantine-o-ween, March 31, 2020.




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