Cinema Corona #01: Black Roses

So here I am in Ohio, three hours before our mandatory stay-at-home order goes into effect. I'm happy to FINALLY be working from home, but I won't lie... I am getting a bit nervous about the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Luckily, people across the globe are doing things to connect and entertain others in any way they can, creating support networks to help us all get through these crazy times.

These acts are pretty amazing, and I have been inspired to do what I can to add to it. Especially for our little creepy community of haunters, horror fanatics, and Halloween freaks.

So I have decided to open up Cinema Corona, a new feature where I post up the craziest stuff I can find across the internet. A place where you can come enjoy something Halloween- or horror-related, that will take your mind off of things for a while. Some mindless fun in order to turn off your brain for just a bit...

If there's something you'd like to see, hit me up in the comments! Now let's have some fun!

I hope you guys enjoy this!! (And as always, please be smart and stay safe...)

Black Roses (1988)

My god, where to begin with this one? It has been reviewed many, many times over, so I'm not going to go deep with a review of my own. Basically, an unbelievably cheesy 80s heavy metal band (complete with their own Lamborghinis!) decides to play a series of shows in a quiet, nowhere midwestern town to the dislike of the town elders. (Footloose, anyone?) Mayhem ensues as the town's teenagers are slowly possessed, literally, because as it turns out, the band is actually a group of demons trying to recruit their minions. Literal demons. And the only one who can stop this evil, evil plan is the town's Magnum, P.I. look-alike, the high school English teacher!

Enjoy this one with its way-too-catchy 80s metal tracks (the title track, Me Against The World, is a legitimately awesome metal track and is featured at the beginning of the film), incredible 80s hair, an unbelievable scene where a stereo speaker demon eats future Sopranos actor, Vincent Pastore, and the laughably, laughably bad "demon" practical effect sculpts. They are so cartoonish, they look like they were made as a joke.

But even with all of that, this gem earns its cult status because it really is a great, late-80s heavy metal horror flick. Give this one a watch quickly, as I have seen it posted before only to be taken down quickly. Just don't watch it with the little ones, as it has some naughty words and some nakey scenes.


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