For the fifth year in a row, I was able to sneak out and get creative with my jack-o-lanterns after the Halloween celebrations. Back in 2017, I decided that I wanted to do something different instead of simply tossing them into the trash, and ended up covertly setting them up in a local metropark to much surprise and joy...

Three years ago, I again found a unique, highly-visible area in a local cemetery and was able to set up another display, remaining undetected. It was such a success, I even had friends taking photos of the set-up without even knowing who was responsible for it!

Two years ago, my new home opened up a vast expanse of new Pumpkin Dump locations, and I found the perfect sliver of rot nestled into a dense, overcrowded packing of retail expanse. It became a nice little social commentary on overdevelopment. Sticking a pumpkin-flavored tongue out to the oblivious hordes traveling in and out of the area.

Last year, I went much more low key with a nice, quiet cemetery off the main roads, where the pumpkins would remain for quite some time.

This year, I found an absolutely fantastic location. An abandoned, run down house that sits right on a very busy road close to Highbury Cemetery. Yet, if you didn't specifically look for it, you'd probably drive right past it without a second look. It would be a perfect backdrop to set up my pumpkins and have them sit untouched for a long, long time.

I got up before dawn and loaded all 13 jacks into the car. I met this year's pumpkindump cohort, my brother Scrapes, and we drove over to the dark house. Even at such an early hour, there was still a good amount of traffic, so we quietly pulled into the driveway, turned off all the lights and got to work. We made quick work of setting up the jacks in a perfect arrangement, making sure each was visible from the road between the clumps of overgrown brush and random trash from other previous explorers to the old decrepit house. Once everything was set, I grabbed my camera, got a few great shots, and then we snuck out undetected.

Another perfect Pumpkin Dump to end a great Halloween season.

Please enjoy my annual submission to the Great Pumpkin Project, the Highbury Cemetery Pumpkin Dump 2021…

As an added bonus, I ended up throwing old tea lights into each pumpkin before leaving. I wanted to make sure these pumpkins were seen even after the sun went down, just to give it that little extra bit of creepiness. Can you imagine driving down the road at night, then seeing this out of the corner of your eye??



The October boy said...

Always look forward to this post! Another job well done.

highbury said...

Thanks, OB! This year's dump was a lot of fun and a perfect location. Next year I might get the courage to go into the house and set a few jacks into the open windows!!

Lt. Lothar Zogg said...

I'm looking at the graffiti on the garage door- "FTW".
Something about a witch? "FJB" I understand. 😀💀👻 Cheers!

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