Sunn O))) - "Frost (C)"

Photo courtesy of Telekom Electronic Beats

Recently, I have taken a much deeper dive in the auditory greatness that is Sunn O))) (which I'm fairly certain is simply pronounced, "sun").

I find their incredibly unique work to be similar to the deconstructed rich atmospherics of the dark ambient genre, only filtered through the harsh distortion and resonant feedback of a large stack of electric amplifiers. And it works so, so well.

I will freely admit that upon first listen, I didn't really "get it," but after a few more concentrated listens (especially the track below), it finally clicked and I truly connected with the sound.

The long, drawn out, reverberating drone metal somehow became calming and meditative in its slow, deliberate pace.

I will definitely be adding some Sunn O))) to my collection very soon, and a highly-touted (and very loud) live performance will be added to my must-see list. Enjoy!



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