The Day After...

The Harvester of Brine

Please consider this my belated "Happy Halloween!" post that I never got to yesterday! It was on my schedule, but things went a bit sideways yesterday.

I got up early to get a head start on final set up of my display. I wanted to make sure that I had time to spare before the night's trick-or-treat festivities. Props went up quickly and I was making great time. The rains from the past 7 days were FINALLY moving out and the sun started to peek through.

And then the winds kicked up...

My scarecrow, the main in prop in my display, became the first victim. The wind literally blew the whole thing over, snapping the base. And then we saw my Pratt tombstone go blowing across the front yard, landing against a small stone retainer wall, breaking the skull from the tombstone's facade...

So I went from having plenty of time to spare to total freak out in seconds (apologies to everyone helping out who got to witness my barrage of F-bombs!). I was repairing and gluing until the last possible second.

Somehow, I was able to get everything fixed and put back into place as the first trick-or-treaters were coming up the street. I was completely frazzled and exhausted and I was completely out of my Halloween groove.

But then something unexpected happened. The winds totally died down. The fog machines pumped out glorious billows of fog across the yard, allowing my new laser vortex walkway to work well (especially when it got dark). Trick-or-treaters showed up at the house in waves. My props worked flawlessly all night (well, all but my talking skeleton who just stopped working halfway through the night - but he still looked good as a standing reaper at the end of the driveway). And as it got darker, the display looked incredible in the glow of my lighting. 

And my mojo came back. I got back into my character and interacted with trick-or-treaters, parents, friends, neighbors, and curious onlookers.

And everyone who came over to help work the display or to hang out at our first Halloween night party had a blast. It wasn't easy this year, but it sure was fun.

I hope everyone else was able to celebrate Halloween in their own way and do what you do to make the big night extra special! I'm going through last night's photos and I can't wait to share them.

I have a bunch of posts still to get through, so Halloween may be over, but this party still has a little left in the tank. Come back and let's keep it going for a bit, shall we?



Lady M said...

Sounds like it worked out all right in the end.

The October boy said...

Yikes- been there and done that. Im so glad you got your mojo back and had a successful haunt.
That scarecrow is epic by the way.

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