Estrus: Shovelin’ the Shit Since ’87

Boy, was I excited when I first heard the news of this new Kickstarter campaign! A new book from Korero Press featuring the complete history of infamous independent garage-rock record label, Estrus Records!

From the Kickstarter campaign page:

Dweebs, punkers and shitheads rejoice! Estrus: Shovelin’ the Shit Since ’87 gives you the sights, sounds, stories...and shit...behind the iconic independent record label Estrus Records. The book—a roughly 9" x 12" cinder block of a publication—chronicles label founder Dave Crider’s journey from small-town hobbyist to regarded move-and-shaker in the DIY/punk/garage rock circuit.

Not only will Shovelin’ include the matchless imagery that accompanied Estrus releases by artists like Art Chantry, Frank Kozik, Darren Merinuk, Alex Wald, and (Chris) COOP, but it contains stories and other words of wisdom from members of The Mummies, Man or Astroman?, The Makers, The Mono Men — plus other bands that don’t start with the letter “M” like Fireballs of Freedom, The Nomads, Cheater Slicks, The Drags, Sugar Shack, Guitar Wolf, The Trashwomen, Gas Huffer,  The Oblivians, Prisonshake, The Von Zippers, Lord High Fixers, Phantom Surfers, The Quadrajets, The Statics, Estrella 20/20, Gasoline, Jackie & the Cedrics, The Fall-Outs, and more…

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I'm backing this one 100% simply for the absolutely incredible work from one of my favorite graphic designers, Art Chantry. An endless flow of amazing work him and a host of other well-known artists that created now-iconic work for the label...

Ah, heck. The label put pout some REALLY awesome music, too!

And apparently I'm not the only one excited for this new book release, because in about 2 hours the ENTIRE project was fully funded! Nice work! But I still kicked in to grab a copy of this one, because it's a mandatory addition to my library.

Give the Kickstarter page a visit to get in on this one. It's open until April 20th and it's already fulled funded, so it's a done deal!



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