Last Night's Moon

So driving home from dinner last night, I noticed the moon. It was huge! Full with a creepy orange hue. I raced home to grab my camera, but the moon was hiding behind the neighborhood trees. So I jumped back in my car to find a great viewpoint when it hit me...

Of course! The cemetery down the street! Luckily, the main gate was still open, so I drove in and found an opening where the moon was glowing brightly. As the night went on, the moon continued to rise and lose its orange hue, replaced by a bright white. With the help of my car headlights, I was able to grab a few shots of the moon's glow and a few tombstones. Then I started to hear some noises off in the dark, got creeped out and got the hell out of there.

I'm planning on going back to that cemetery to explore all of the tombstones and get some reference photos for Highbury Cemetery. Only I'm going to do that during the day...

Okay group, I'm off to the Garage of Evil's Northern Ohio Haunters Make and Take where I'm going to build my first Flying Crank Ghost. I'll bring the trusty camera and document the entire process. I already have a slightly different look in mind for the final piece and I already know where he's going to be placed in the cemetery this year. Can't wait!

And don't forget! There's only 107 days until Halloween!!


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