New Video Treats

I recently came upon two great, new videos that I had to share with the group. First up is MK12's "Follow The Sun," a crazy take on the famous concession stand short that used to play in movie theaters across the country.

From MK12's vimeo page:
While we have a few minutes before the show, stop by our refreshment stand! We have all kinds of tasty treats! Popcorn for all eternity! Hell's on it's way!

Press kit, Print material, more info on our website:

And the second is Mastadon's new music video for "Deathbound," created for the Adult Swim Singles Program.

From Adult Swim:
We asked Mastadon for a song for our Adult Swim Singles Program. When they sent us this incredible jam, we knew we had to make a video for it. We called our friends at Authority Films and the first thing they thought was "puppets!"...

Enjoy the videos, but then get back to work, because by my watch, we only have 116 days until Halloween. And that means that I'm officially behind schedule for another year. Damn...


Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Only 116?!?!?!?

BTW - loved the first one...that was my kinda dark and creepy! Thanks for sharing.


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