Centuries After Death, Mummies Still Telling Stories

I recently came across this interesting story by Karen Weintraub over at National Geographic:

After they died, the wealthiest and most prominent residents of 18th-century Vilnius, Lithuania, were interred beneath the Dominican Church of the Holy Spirit, in the center of town...

...More than half the bodies in the Lithuanian crypt quickly decomposed, leaving behind nothing but skeletal remains. But for some reason—perhaps the season of their death combined with the consistently dry underground climate—other bodies dried out and naturally turned into mummies. Instead of becoming skeletons, skin survived intact and facial features remained recognizable.

Photos by Kiril Cachovskij

Be sure to check out the rest of the story and photo gallery at National Geographic. When viewed through the eyes of a haunter, the photos make an incredible reference material for corsping, but the story itself should not be overlooked. Each mummy has endured centuries of time, yet been preserved in a completely timeless state, still able to give an accurate snapshot into the individual's life before their final burial.



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