Project Senium

An incredible urbex video shot at the Kings Park Psychiatric Center in Long Island, New York.

From Atlas Obscura:

It was Thursday afternoon, on the second to last day they had planned for the shoot, and most of the crew was out sick. But Joe Trimble and Nicolas Levasseur had been at the abandoned psychiatric center at sunrise, and now they were trying to get on top of one of the buildings.

There was a hatch, maybe 15 feet up, that they wanted to get themselves and their gear through. They had found a junked-up firehose on the ground, and tied it to their loaded-up MoVI stabilizing rig. As the gear lifted into the air, Trimble realized: We're hauling $15,000 worth of gear up on a firehose that's at least 20 years old.
What are we doing?...


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