Goblin Rebirth

I received a pleasant surprise from my mailman yesterday in the form of the Goblin Rebirth record that I had pre-ordered back in May! I wasn't sure what it was until I opened it, as the record showed up a week before its official release date. Sweet!!

And I'm glad I ordered the "pink & gold merge" vinyl because it is stunning, especially with how it ties into the colors and art of the sleeve.

After a couple of spins, I'm really pleased! A solid release filled with synthesizers and guitars that harken back to the classic, lush Italian horror soundtracks of the original Goblin. Another highly-recommended release!!

The standout track on this release for me is, "Back in 74":

X drifts away from his woodland home, leaving his companions behind to finish the ceremony. He cannot understand what has happened but he knows he should not be here. He is dazed and confused. He has no sense of time or distance. Now he is in a place that is vaguely familiar and he watches as an elfish group playfully instructs its offspring. One of the children is particularly daring and disobedient... The fairground is fertile land for goblin mischief. It dawns on X that he is looking on his own past.

X relives his childhood and early adult life, observing his triumphs and mistakes. So many errors—something is telling him that he should be seeking elsewhere and his journey begins.

You can stream the full release at the Goblin Rebirth SoundCloud page. And you can still order shirts, vinyl and CDs from Relapse Records.



Mantan Calaveras said...

I heard about this album recently, most exciting.

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