"Swamp Of The Living Dead" Spooky Sound Effects CD

Here we are at the end of another October Halloween celebration. Time for one last goodie before we begin our big night revelry!

I saved this particular Freebie Friday for last, because this is another one that was bought on a whim (and because of that crazy cover art) and turned out to be pretty good.

Listen and imagine yourself walking through a swamp of horrible creatures
and sounds that will scare the wits out of you.

I had seen cassette and CD copies of Lifetime Classics' 1994 release Swamp Of The Living Dead before and decided to pull the trigger when a cheap CD copy came up for sale.

It's a single 15 minute track, but it's a unique, high quality background sound effect track. Subtle wind and various insect chirps, crow caws and owl hoots along with water gurgles, drips, bubbling, and a really cool reverb echoing effect make for a fun listen. Add random footsteps down a path with repeated witch cackles, screams, and a distant church bell, and you have a cool, authentic swamp sound effect that doesn't rely on the usual "spooky" Halloween sounds to creep you out.



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