Escape Michael Myers (The Game)

Here's a fun one to get you through a slow day. In anticipation of the release of Halloween Ends, a fun little game has been released where you, playing as Laurie Strode, have to evade the always-pursuing shape of Michael Myers!

It's pretty simple, with only left and right movements to escape Michael Myers, but there are cool little weapons that you can pick up along the way to extend your escape through different sections of Haddonfield.

I'm pretty terrible at it, but this game is still pretty fun and it keeps us in the Halloween mindset as we wait patiently for the final (probably not FINAL final...) chapter of the Michael Myers saga, Halloween Ends. Give this one a shot and see how far you can run!

Play the Escape Michael Myers Game here. And fight like hell!



Caffeinated Joe said...

Fun but I did not last long!

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