"The Thing" Posters By Rafa Orrico

Mondo is going to be offering up these really cool, limited-edition posters for John Carpenter's iconic sci-fi/horror film, The Thing, by artist Rafa Orrico. A very unique twist to a film that has been covered a million times over. I REALLY dig the bold 60s typography, the stark black-and-white imagery, and the expansive swaths of white space.

The Thing (Version 2), by Rafa Orrico.

The Thing (Version 1), by Rafa Orrico.

Version 2 is the clear winner for me. Such a great treatment and so well designed. And each unique element cleverly plays to Carpenter's vividly horrifying storyline. I don't always go after the always hard-to-get Mondo posters, but this one will be the exception.

Both of Orrico's The Thing posters will go on sale at 11 am CT, Thursday, September 15 on the Mondo Shop site. Good luck!



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