Historic Block Restrikes by The Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum

As we get closer to the spooky season, it's time to put up those decorations! And if you're like me, the standard off-the-shelf fare from the chain craft stores just doesn't cut it. If your exacting standards are in search of something a little more special (like mine), might I suggest these insanely cool historic wood block poster reprints from the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum?

Hand-printed from the original blocks, these posters recall a simpler time and just ooze with incredible Halloween nostalgia with wonderful, bold typography, color and illustration...

All these incredible, spooky posters (and tons more!) are available at the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum website. Enjoy!



Tjalgahorn said...

Thanks for sharing, these are rad. That "Asylum of Horrors" print is my favorite for sure.

Lady M said...

Love Halloween night paper hats. I like my haunt to be a mix up of stuff I have made, box store decorations, artist creations and thrift store treasures.

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