Is It Time? (Yes, It Is!)

A little over a month ago, I made a post talking about how I didn't feel like it was time for all things Halloween (Sam Heimer actually had a succinct post that I quoted and was in full agreement with). We were still in the thick of August's sweltering summer heat, and the "Halloween creep" was starting earlier than it ever had before...

Fast forward to today with a look at the calendar, and my, how things have changed. Ready or not, tomorrow is October. It's orange alert, all hands on deck, 100% Halloween season. IT IS TIME!

Tomorrow starts the annual Countdown To Halloween, where I'll be dropping posts like mad all month long up until the big night. 

Since that post, I have been working like mad behind the scenes to get into the spirit and get things moving. It has been a quick flip from summer relaxation to the high-output energy of autumn. Things are happening.

Be sure to check back tomorrow as I kick off another black-and-orange blitz of Halloween fun and frivolity. This is it. IT IS TIME!



Tjalgahorn said...

I can't believe I missed your post back in August! I too felt the exact same way, and was similarly validated by Sam's excellent words. But now the wait is over!! I'm looking forward to your countdown posts!

highbury said...

Thanks, Tjalgahorn! Sam really summed up succinctly the nefarious "Halloween Creep." But now it truly IS time!

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