10 Years Ago: The Lorain County Zombie Walk

It's crazy how time flies, even in our haunt circles. Today, I had a few photos pop up in a "memories" timeline and I had to do a double-take on the original date.

TEN years ago today, I attended the Lorain County (Ohio) Zombie Walk. I was just starting to dabble further into self-made horror fx applications and makeup, and took the opportunity to show off my skills.

I took extra time to create this open flesh effect with rotten teeth, blood, and solid grey face tones that accentuated yellow-and-black colored contact lenses. I also put together a detailed "zombie outfit" complete with a rusty chain and lantern. (Not really sure what the lantern was actually for in regards to the character, but it made for a cool, eye-catching accessory that swung side to side as I walked down the street.)

And while I did not win "Best Zombie Costume," I was still chosen as a finalist and got to strut my stuff on the stage in front of the large event crowd. I had quite a few people taking my photo, and best of all, the closeup photo below was used on the front page of the local newspaper in an article recapping the event.

Looking back at these photos brings a smile to my face, as it was the starting point of really taking my love of haunting up to the next level. Enjoy!



Lady M said...

What a reminder of a pivotal moment in your life. It is a great Zombie costume.

highbury said...

Thanks, Lady M! I still have the zombie costume stored away in the basement, but I actually stopped doing makeup in favor of masks! Way quicker!!

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